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release promote

Associates (promotes) a given release to a channel.


replicated release promote SEQUENCE CHANNEL_ID [Flags]
  • The required SEQUENCE argument is the integer number corresponding to a specific release.
  • The required CHANNEL_ID argument is channel ID or the case sensitive name of the channel, as displayed to the user.
FlagType (if applicable)Description
--appstringThe app slug or app ID to use in all calls. The default uses the $REPLICATED_APP environment variable.
-h, --helpHelp for the command.
--release-notesstringThe release notes for the release. Supports markdown formatting.
--requiredPrevents users from skipping this release during application upgrades. For more information, see Managing Releases with the Vendor Portal.
--tokenstringThe API token used to access your application in the Vendor API. The default uses the $REPLICATED_API_TOKEN environment variable.

A version label for the release in this channel.

If semantic versioning is enabled on the channel, then the version label must be a valid semantic version number. See Semantic Versioning in About Releases.


replicated release promote 24 Beta --optional --version 1.3.0 --release-notes "Optional Beta release for feature X"
Channel jWNZHo8ypjrX1HkC4UXInoSI5OsK586m successfully set to release 24
replicated release promote 15 fe4901690971757689f022f7a460f9b2
Channel fe4901690971757689f022f7a460f9b2 successfully set to release 15