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release download

Download the config manifest file for a release.

Note: This command is the same as the release inspect command for applications that are not packaged with Replicated.


replicated release download SEQUENCE -d ./appyaml
FlagType (if applicable)Description
-d, --deststringDirectory where release manifests should be downloaded.
-h, --helpHelp for the command.
--appstringThe app slug or app ID to use in all calls. The default uses the $REPLICATED_APP environment variable.
--tokenstringThe API token used to access your application in the Vendor API. The default uses the $REPLICATED_API_TOKEN environment variable.


replicated release download 9 -d ./appyaml
• Fetching Release 9
• Writing files to ./appyaml
• config-map.yaml
• config.yaml
• deployment.yaml
• fluentd.yaml
• nginx2.yaml
• preflight.yaml
• redis.yaml
• replicated-app.yaml
• service.yaml
• support-bundle.yaml