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cluster addon create object-store (Alpha)

Create an object store bucket for a cluster.

Requires a bucket name prefix (using flag "--bucket-prefix") that will be used to create a unique bucket name with format "[BUCKET_PREFIX]-[ADDON_ID]-cmx".

NOTE: This add-on currently only support EKS (AWS S3).


replicated cluster addon create object-store CLUSTER_ID --bucket-prefix BUCKET_PREFIX [flags]
FlagType (if applicable)Description
--bucket-prefixstringA prefix for the bucket name to be created. (Required)
--waitboolWait duration for add-on to be ready before exiting (leave empty to not wait).
--dry-runboolSimulate creation to verify that your inputs are valid without actually creating an add-on.
--outputstringThe output format to use. Value values: json, table or wide. Default: table
-h, --helpHelp for the command.


$ replicated cluster addon create object-store 05929b24 --bucket-prefix mybucket
05929b24 Object Store pending {"bucket_prefix":"mybucket"}