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Excluding MinIO from Air Gap Bundles (Beta)

The Replicated admin console requires an S3-compatible object store to store application archives and support bundles. By default, Replicated KOTS deploys MinIO during installation to satisfy the object storage requirement. For more information about the options for installing without MinIO in existing cluster or embedded clusters created with Replicated kURL, see Installing Without Object Storage.

As a software vendor, you can exclude MinIO images from all admin console air gap distributions (kotsadm.tar.gz) in the download portal. Excluding MinIO from the kotsadm.tar.gz air gap bundle is useful if you want to prevent MinIO images from appearing in the air gap distribution that your end users download. It also reduces the file size of kotsadm.tar.gz.


You can still retrieve a bundle with MinIO images from the KOTS release page in GitHub when this feature is enabled. See replicatedhq/kots in GitHub.

To exclude MinIO from the kotsadm.tar.gz admin console air gap bundle:

  1. Log in to your vendor portal account. Select Support > Request a feature, and submit a feature request for "Exclude MinIO image from air gap bundle". After this feature is enabled, all kotsadm.tar.gz files in the download portal will not include MinIO.

  2. Instruct your end users to set the flag --with-minio=false with the kots install command during an air gap installation. For more information about setting this runtime flag, see Install the Admin Console Without MinIO in Requirements for Admin Console State.


If you have this feature enabled in your Team account and the end user does not include --with-minio=false with the kots install command, then the installation fails.