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Displaying Application Status

You can configure the Application custom resource to display application status on the dashboard of the Replicated admin console.

Application Status

To display application status on the admin console dashboard, you target specific Kubernetes resources for your application in the statusInformers property of the Application custom resource manifest file. See Add Status Informers below.

The following resource types are supported for displaying application status:

  • Deployment
  • StatefulSet
  • Service
  • Ingress
  • PersistentVolumeClaims

You can target resources of the supported types that are deployed in any of the following ways:

Replicated recommends that you add at least one resource.

Add Status Informers

To add an informer, include the statusInformers property in the Application custom resource manifest file. Status informers are in the format [namespace/]type/name where namespace is optional and will default to the current namespace.

kind: Application
name: my-application
- deployment/my-web-svc
- deployment/my-worker

Entries also support template functions. For example, a specific status informer can be excluded based on an application config value like so:

- deployment/my-web-svc
- '{{repl if ConfigOptionEquals "option" "value"}}deployment/my-worker{{repl else}}{{repl end}}'

Application Statuses

Possible application statuses are "Missing", "Unavailable", "Degraded", "Ready" and "Updating". "Missing" indicates that informers have yet to report back their status.

For more information about resource statuses and the conditions that contribute to each status, see Resource Statuses in Viewing Status Details.