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Defining Additional Images

To ensure that images will be available locally, Replicated KOTS finds all images defined in the application manifests and includes them in .airgap bundles. During the application install or update workflow, KOTS collects these images from the internet or from the .airgap bundle, if the application is installed in an air gap environment. KOTS then retags and pushes all the images to a customer-defined registry.

If there are required images that are not defined in any of the Kubernetes manifests, these should be listed in the additionalImages attribute of the Application custom resource manifest file.

kind: Application
name: my-operator
- elasticsearch:7.6.0

KOTS supports additional images that are:

  • public images: referenced by the docker pullable image name
  • images pushed to the Replicated registry: referenced by the name
  • images pushed to another private, linked registry: referenced by the docker pullable name


When creating the .airgap bundle or performing an online install, KOTS will ensure that private images are available, without sharing registry credentials with the installation. Air gap packages include the image layers in the bundle. Online installs will rewrite externally hosted private images to be pulled from When the installation sends credentials to or, the credentials are based on the customer license file, and the credentials stop working when the license expires.