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License Context


func LicenseFieldValue(name string) string

LicenseFieldValue returns the value of the entitlement with the provided name.

'{{repl LicenseFieldValue "numSeats" }}'

In addition to custom license fields, LicenseFieldValue also accepts the following values:

  • appSlug
  • channelID
  • channelName
  • customerName
  • endpoint
  • entitlements
  • expires_at
  • isAirgapSupported
  • isGeoaxisSupported
  • isGitOpsSupported
  • isIdentityServiceSupported
  • isSemverRequired
  • isSnapshotSupported
  • isSupportBundleUploadSupported
  • licenseID or licenseId
  • licenseSequence
  • licenseType
  • signature


func LicenseDockerCfg() string

LicenseDockerCfg returns a value that can be written to a secret if needed to deploy manually. Replicated KOTS creates and injects this secret automatically in normal conditions, but some deployments (with static, additional namespaces) may need to include this.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
name: myapp-registry
namespace: my-other-namespace
.dockerconfigjson: repl{{ LicenseDockerCfg }}


Sequence was introduced in KOTS v1.20.0.

func Sequence() int64

Sequence is the sequence of the application deployed. This will start at 0 for each installation, and increase with every app update, config change, license update and registry setting change.

'{{repl Sequence }}'


Cursor was introduced in KOTS v1.20.0.

func Cursor() string

Cursor is the channel sequence of the app. For instance, if 5 releases have been promoted to the channel that the app is running, then this would return the string 5.

'{{repl Cursor }}'


ChannelName was introduced in KOTS v1.20.0.

func ChannelName() string

ChannelName is the name of the deployed channel of the app.

'{{repl ChannelName }}'


VersionLabel was introduced in KOTS v1.20.0.

func VersionLabel() string

VersionLabel is the semantic version of the app, as specified when promoting a release to a channel.

'{{repl VersionLabel }}'


ReleaseNotes was introduced in KOTS v1.20.0.

func ReleaseNotes() string

ReleaseNotes is the release notes of the current version of the app.

'{{repl ReleaseNotes }}'


IsAirgap was introduced in KOTS v1.20.0.

func IsAirgap() bool

IsAirgap is true when the app is installed via uploading an airgap package, false otherwise.

'{{repl IsAirgap }}'