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When you include a Backup custom resource in an application, the Replicated admin console enables snapshots for the application.

For more information about the Backup custom resource, including all options for this custom resource, see Backups in the Velero documentation.

This custom resource supports optional resource installations. For more information, see Include optional resources.

kind: Backup
name: backup
"": '{{repl ConfigOptionEquals "postgres_type" "embedded_postgres" }}'
spec: {}

Limitations for Full Snapshots

The following top-level fields for Backup custom resources are not supported in Full snapshots:

  • snapshotVolumes
  • volumeSnapshotLocations
  • labelSelector, includedResources and excludedResources

All resources are included by default. To exclude resources from the backup, the label must be used and added to the resource instead.

  • includeClusterResources: this will always be set to true.
  • ttl: this is set to 720h (1 month) by default and is only configurable by the customer.