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Configuring a Slack Webhook (Beta)

As a vendor, anyone on your team can set up Slack notifications, which are sent to a shared Slack channel. Notifications give your team visibility into customer instance statuses and changes.


Configuring notifications for customer instance changes is in public Beta. Features and functionality are subject to change as we continue to iterate this functionality towards General Availability.

Notifications can help catch problems before they happen and let you proactively contact customers to prevent support cases. For example, you can be notified of a degraded status and you can contact your customer about fixing it before the instance goes down. This approach can make issues quicker and easier to solve, and improve the customer experience with less down time.

For more information about how application status is determined, see Resource Statuses in Enabling and Understanding Application Status. For more information about events that might trigger notifications, see How the Vendor Portal Generates Events and Insights in About Instance and Event Data.

While email notifications are specific to each user, Slack notifications settings are shared, viewable, and editable by the entire team. Any changes made by a team member impacts the team.


As a Beta feature, the following limitations apply:

  • Only one Slack channel per team is supported.

  • RBAC policies are not supported for configuring granular permissions.


Create a Slack webhook URL. For more information, see Sending Messages using Incoming Webhooks in the Slack API documentation.

Make sure to keep the URL secure because it contains a Secret that allows write access to one or more channels in your Slack Workspace.

Configure the Webhook in the Vendor Portal

When you enable Slack notifications for a team, you must first configure the Slack webhook in the vendor portal. Typically you do this one time. Then you can configure notifications for individual customer instances.

To configure the Slack webhook:

  1. From the Team vendor portal page, click Slack Notifications.

  2. On the Slack Notifications Setup page, paste the Slack webhook URL. Click Save.

Next Step

Configure Slack notifications for customer instances.