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The KOTS Velero interface, which configures storage destinations for backups (snapshots), permissions, and print instructions fo set up.


kubectl kots velero [command] [global flags]

This command supports all global flags.

The following kots velero commands are supported:

  • configure-aws-s3: Configures an AWS S3 bucket as the storage destination.
  • configure-azure: Configures an Azure Blob Storage Container as the storage destination.
  • configure-gcp: Configures a Google Cloud Platform Object Storage Bucket as The storage destination.
  • configure-internal: (Kubernetes installer clusters only) Configures the internal object store in the cluster as the storage destination.
  • configure-other-s3: Configures an S3-compatible storage provider as the storage destination.
  • configure-nfs: Configures NFS as the storage destination.
  • configure-hostpath: Configures a host path as the storage destination.
  • ensure-permissions: Allows the Replicated admin console to access Velero.
  • print-fs-instructions: Prints instructions for setting up Velero with the current file system configuration.