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Restore full snapshots for disaster recovery, or do a partial restore of the application only or the Replicated admin console only.


kubectl kots restore --from-backup [flags]

This command supports the following flags:

--exclude-admin-consoleboolExclude restoring the admin console and only restore the applications. Default: false
--exclude-appsboolExclude restoring the applications and only restore the admin console. Default: false
--from-backupstring(Required) The name of the backup to restore from.
-h, --helpHelp for restore.
-o, --outputstringThe output format. Supports JSON. Defaults to plain text if not set.
--velero-namespacestring(Required for minimal RBAC installations) The namespace where Velero is installed.
--wait-for-appsboolWait for all applications to be restored. Default: true


kubectl kots restore --from-backup instance-942kf