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Retrieves a copy of the application manifests from the cluster, and store them in a specific directory structure on your workstation. Requires a running application with the Replicated admin console.


kubectl kots download [app-slug] [flags]
  • Replace [app-slug] with the application slug provided by your software vendor (required). For more information, see Get the Application Slug in Managing Applications.
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below

This command supports all global flags and also:

--decrypt-password-valuesbooldecrypt password values to plaintext
--deststringthe directory to store the application in (defaults to current working dir)
-h, --helphelp for download
-n, --namespacestringthe namespace to download from (default "default")
--overwriteoverwrite any local files, if present
-o, --outputstringoutput format (currently supported: json) (defaults to plain text if not set)


kubectl kots download kots-sentry --namespace kots-sentry --dest ./manifests --overwrite