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velero configure-other-s3

Configures snapshots to use an S3-compatible storage provider, such as Minio, as a storage destination.


kubectl kots velero configure-other-s3 [flags]
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below
-h, --helphelp for access-key
-n, --namespacestringthe namespace of the admin console (required)
--access-key-idstringthe aws access key id to use for accessing the bucket (required)
--bucketstringname of the object storage bucket where backups should be stored (required)
--endpointstringthe s3 endpoint (e.g. http://some-other-s3-endpoint) (required)
--path stringpath to a subdirectory in the object store bucket
--region stringthe region where the bucket exists (required)
--secret-access-key stringthe aws secret access key to use for accessing the bucket (required)
--cacert stringfile containing a certificate bundle to use when verifying TLS connections to the object store
--skip-validationboolskip the validation of the S3 Bucket (default false)


kubectl kots velero configure-other-s3 access-key --namespace default --endpoint http://minio --region us-east-1 --bucket kots-snaps --access-key-id XXXXXXXJTJB7M2XZUV7D --secret-access-key <secret access key here>