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get versions

The kots get versions command lists all versions of an application.

Introduced in KOTS v1.61.0


kubectl kots get versions [app-slug] [flags]
  • Replace [app-slug] with the app slug for your KOTS application (required).
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below
-h, --helpHelp for get versions.
-n, --namespacestring(Required) The namespace where the Admin Console is running.
--current-pageintOffset, by page size, at which to start retrieving versions. Default: 0
--page-sizeintNumber of versions to return. Default: 20
--pin-latestintWhen set to true, always returns the latest version at the beginning. Default: false
--pin-latest-deployableintWhen set to true, always returns the latest version that can be deployed. The latest deployable version can differ from the latest version if a required version, which cannot be skipped, is present. Default: false
-o, --outputstringOutput format. Supported formats: json. Default: Plain text


kubectl kots get versions kots-sentry -n default