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get config

The kots get config command returns the configValues file for an application.


kubectl kots get config [flags]
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below
--appslugstringThe slug of the target application. Required when more than one application is deployed. Your software vendor provides the application slug. For more information, see Get the Application Slug in Managing Applications.
--currentboolWhen set, the configValues file for the currently deployed version of the application is retrieved.
--sequenceintRetrieves the configValues file for the specified application sequence. Default: Latest (unless the --current flag is set).
--decryptboolDecrypts password items within the configuration.
-h, --helpHelp for get config.
-n, --namespacestring(Required) The namespace where the Admin Console is running.


kubectl kots get config -n default --sequence 5 --appslug myapp