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Creating a Customer

This topic describes how to create a customer. Additional customers can be added as needed.

Each customer that you create in the Replicated vendor portal has a unique license file. Each customer license uniquely identifies the customer and the application, specifies their release channel, and defines entitlement information about the customer. For more information about customer licenses, see About Customers.

To create a customer:

  1. From the vendor portal, select Customers from the left menu.

  2. Click Create Customer.

    The Create a new customer page opens.

  3. Enter a customer name, customer email, and assign a channel in the corresponding fields.

  4. In the Expiration policy pane, by default Customer's license does not expire is set. To set an expiration date for the license, enable Customer's license has an expiration date and specify an expiration date in the When does this customer expire? calendar.

  5. In the Customer type pane, set the customer type, which is used solely for reporting purposes. Customer access to your application is not affected by the type you assign to them. Options: Development, Trial, Paid, Community Default: Trial. For more information, see About Customer License Types.

  6. In the License options pane, enable the options that you have added to your application package. For more information, see About built-in license fields.

    The available license options are:

    Airgap Download EnabledEnables new installations with this license to install from an air gap package or from an online installation.
    Gitops EnabledEnables existing cluster and embedded cluster installations to transition to a GitOps workflow for deployment.
    Identity Service EnabledEnables customers to integrate with third-party identity service providers to provision RBAC for authenticating to the admin console.
    Support Bundle Upload EnabledEnables installations to upload support bundles directly from the admin console.
    Allow SnapshotEnables customers to create snapshots for backup and restore. Vendors must also add a Backup custom resource. See Backup.
  7. (Optional) You can add custom fields that let you securely deliver customer-specific values or entitlements to the installation. The custom fields you create apply to all customers. For more information, see Managing Custom License Fields.|

  8. Click Save Changes.

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