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upstream upgrade

The kots upstream upgrade fetches the latest version of the upstream application. It is functionality equivalent to clicking the "Check For Updates" in the Admin Console.


kubectl kots upstream upgrade [app-slug] [flags]
  • Replace [app-slug] with the app slug for your KOTS application (required).
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below
-h, --helphelp for upstream
--kubeconfigstringthe kubeconfig to use. Default: $KUBECONFIG. If unset, then $HOME/.kube/config
-n, --namespacestring(Required) the namespace where the Admin Console is running
--deployboolensures the latest available release is deployed
--deploy-version-labelstringensures the release with the provided version label is deployed
--skip-preflightsboolset to true to skip preflight checks
--airgap-bundlestringpath to the application airgap bundle where application images and metadata will be loaded from
--kotsadm-namespacestringthe registry namespace to use for application images
--kotsadm-registrystringthe registry endpoint where application images will be pushed
--registry-passwordstringthe password to use to authenticate with the registry
--registry-usernamestringthe username to use to authenticate with the registry
--disable-image-pushboolset to true to disable images from being pushed to private registry. Default: false
--skip-registry-checkboolSet to true to skip the connectivity test and validation of the provided registry information. Default: false
--waitboolset to false to download the updates in the background Default: true
-o, --outputstringoutput format (currently supported: json). Default: Plain text if not set

About Strict Preflight Checks

If any strict preflight checks are configured, the --skip-preflights flag are not honored because the preflight checks must run and contain no failures before the application is deployed.

When the --deploy option is provided and there are strict preflight checks, the preflight checks always run. The deployment waits for up to 15 minutes for the preflight checks to complete. If the checks complete without strict preflight failures, the release deploys. If the checks do not complete within 15 minutes, the release does not deploy. If there are one or more strict preflight failures, the release does not deploy.

For more information about strict preflight checks, see Defining Preflight Checks.


kubectl kots upstream upgrade kots-sentry --namespace kots-sentry