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upstream download

The kots upstream download command retries downloading a failed update of the upstream application.


kubectl kots upstream download [app-slug] [flags]
  • Replace [app-slug] with the app slug for your KOTS application (required).
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below.
-h, --helpHelp for upstream download.
--kubeconfigstringThe kubeconfig to use. Default: $KUBECONFIG. If unset, then $HOME/.kube/config.
-n, --namespacestring(Required) The namespace where the Admin Console is running.
--sequenceint(Required) The local app sequence for the version to retry downloading.
--skip-preflightsboolSet to true to skip preflight checks.
--skip-compatibility-checkboolSet to true to skip compatibility checks between the current kots version and the update.
--waitboolSet to false to download the update in the background. Default: true.
-o, --outputstringOutput format. Supported formats: json. Default: Plain text.


kubectl kots upstream download kots-sentry --namespace kots-sentry --sequence 8