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Troubleshooting an Application

The Replicated admin console includes a Troubleshoot page where you can generate an analysis and review remediation suggestions for troubleshooting an application. You can also download a support bundle to share with your vendor.

Create a Support Bundle using the Admin Console

  1. From the admin console, select the Troubleshoot tab.


  2. Click Analyze to start analyzing the application.

    The analysis executes the support bundle plugin. After the analysis completes, the bundle is available on the Troubleshoot tab in the admin console. If any known issues are detected, they are highlighted with possible remediation suggestions.


    No data leaves the cluster. Data is never sent across the internet or to anyone else.


  3. (Optional) Click Download bundle to download the support bundle. You can send the bundle to your vendor for assistance.

Creating a Support Bundle Using the CLI

You can generate a support bundle using the CLI instead of the admin console. For example, if an installation fails when you are using an embedded KURL cluster to install the Replicated admin console or upload the application, the admin console may not be available.

Prerequisite: Install the Support Bundle Plugin

The support-bundle kubectl plugin is required to generate a support bundle.

To install the plugin, do one of the following actions:

  • If krew is not installed, run the following command:

    curl | bash
  • If krew is installed, run the following command:

    kubectl krew install support-bundle

Create a Support Bundle with the CLI

Create a support bundle using one of the following methods, depending on your environment or situation.

With the Default Specification

To use the default specification, run the following command to create a support bundle:

kubectl support-bundle

On an Air Gap Server

If you are on an air gapped server, perform the following steps to create a support bundle:

  1. Run the following command from a computer with internet access to download the default specification:

    curl -o spec.yaml -H 'User-agent:Replicated_Troubleshoot/v1beta1'
  2. Upload the spec.yaml file to the air gapped server.

  3. Run the following command to create a support bundle using the uploaded spec.yaml file:

    kubectl support-bundle /path/to/spec.yaml

When the Admin Console and Application are Installed

If the admin console is running and the application is installed, run the following command to create a support bundle that includes any customization specific to the application from the support-bundle.yaml manifest file:

kubectl support-bundle http://<server-address>:8800/api/v1/troubleshoot/<app-slug>

When the Application is not Installed

If the application is not installed but the admin console is running, run the following command to create a support bundle with additional customization from the admin console:

kubectl support-bundle http://<server-address>:8800/api/v1/troubleshoot