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Submitting a Support Request

You can submit a support request with or without a support bundle using the Replicated vendor portal. Uploading a support bundle is secure and helps the Replicated support team troubleshoot your application faster.

If you or your customer are unable to generate a support bundle, you can submit the request without a support bundle and the support team will assist you.

For more information about how to generate a support bundle using either the Replicated admin console or the kubectl CLI, see Troubleshooting an Application.

To submit a support request:

  1. From the vendor portal, click Support > Submit a Support Request or go directly to the Support page.

  2. In section 1 of the Support Request form, complete the fields with information about your issue.

  3. In section 2, do one of the following actions:

    • Use your pre-selected support bundle or select a different bundle in the pick list

    • Select Upload and attach a new support bundle and attach a bundle from your file browser

    • Select I'm unable to generate a support bundle and do the following in the user interface:

      • Describe any procedures that led to the failure, including playbooks or scripts that were used

      • Gather the following information using kubectl and attach it to the support request:

        • Logs from the failed support bundle collection
        • Output from kubectl get po -A
        • Kubernetes installer information using kubectl get installers -o yaml
        • Logs from all pods that are not in Ready status
        • Logs from any Ceph Operator or Longhorn pods
        • Logs from all pods in the kube-system namespace
      • Gather the following cluster node information and attach it to the support request:

        • uptime
        • cat /etc/*-release
        • uname -a
        • docker info
        • crictl info
        • df -kh
        • sestatus
        • systemctl status firewalld
        • systemctl status kubelet
        • systemctl status k3s
        • systemctl status docker
        • crictl ps -a
        • docker ps -a
        • journalctl -u kubelet –no-pager
        • journalctl -u docker –no-pager
        • iptables -L -v
  4. Click Submit Support Request. You receive a link to your support issue, where you can interact with the support team.


    Click Back to exit without submitting a support request.