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Step 3: Get the Sample Manifests

To create a release for the cli-tutorial application, first create the Kubernetes manifest files for the application. This tutorial provides a set of sample manifest files for a simple Kubernetes application that deploys an NGINX service.

To get the sample manifest files:

  1. Run the following command to create and change to a replicated-cli-tutorial directory:

    mkdir replicated-cli-tutorial
    cd replicated-cli-tutorial
  2. Create a /manifests directory and download the sample manifest files from the kots-default-yaml repository in GitHub:

    mkdir ./manifests
    curl -fSsL | \
    tar xzv --strip-components=1 -C ./manifests \
    --exclude --exclude LICENSE --exclude .gitignore
  3. Verify that you can see the YAML files in the replicated-cli-tutorial/manifests folder:

    ls manifests/
    example-configmap.yaml   example-service.yaml     kots-app.yaml            kots-lint-config.yaml    kots-support-bundle.yaml
    example-deployment.yaml k8s-app.yaml kots-config.yaml kots-preflight.yaml

Next Step

Continue to Step 4: Create a Release to create and promote the first release for the cli-tutorial application using these manifest files.