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Creating and Editing Channels

There are three default channels that can be configured, and you can add custom channels.

The default channels are:

  • Stable: The Stable channel is intended for production installations.
  • Unstable: The Unstable channel is intended for internal testing.
  • Beta: The Beta channel is intended for release candidates and early adopting customers.

For more information, see About channels.

Create a Channel

To create a channel:

  1. From the Replicated vendor portal, select Channels from the left menu.

  2. Click Create Channel.

    The Create a new channel dialog opens.

    Create Channel

  3. Enter a name for the channel.

  4. Optional: Enter a description of how the channel will be used.

  5. Optional: To enable the semantic versioning, turn on the toggle for preventing promoting releases with an invalid version to this channel.

  6. Click Create Channel.

Edit a Channel

To edit an existing channel:

  1. In the vendor portal, select Channels from the left menu.

  2. Click the edit icon on the top right of the channel that you want to modify.

    The Edit a channel dialog opens.

    Edit Channel

  3. Edit the fields. You can perform one or more of the following actions:

    • Change the name or description
    • Enable or disable automatically creating air gap builds
    • Enable or disable semantic versioning on the channel
  4. Click Save.

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