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Sharing License Files and Application Releases

This topic describes how to share license files and installation commands for any promoted application version with your customers.

For more information about how customers use license files and installation commands to install your application, see Overview of Installing an Application with the App Manager.

Share License Files

After you create a customer, assign the customer to a channel, and define the customer's license file in the Replicated vendor portal, you can share the license file with your customer.

Your customer uploads the license file to the Replicated admin console when they are installing your application.

To share a license file with a customer, you can do one of the following:

Download and Share License Files

To download and share a license file:

  1. In the vendor portal, on the Customers page, click the download license icon on the right side of a customer row.
  2. Share the license file with your customer.

Share License Files Through the Download Portal

To share the license file through the download portal:

  1. In the vendor portal, on the Customer page, click on the name of the customer.
  2. In the Download portal section, click Generate new password.
  3. Save the password that appears in the pop-up window. Your customer uses this password to log in to the download portal.
  4. Click Copy URL to copy the URL to the download portal to your clipboard. This is the URL where your customer can access the download portal.
  5. (Optional) Click Visit download portal to log in to the download portal and preview your customer's experience.
  6. Send the URL and password for the download portal to your customer.

Share the Latest Release Version

Installation commands are unique to each channel. Within each channel, there are installation commands for existing clusters and for Kubernetes installer provisioned clusters (embedded clusters).

To share an installation command for the latest application release:

  1. In the vendor portal, on the Channels page, find the channel to which the customer is assigned.
  2. Under Install:
    • Click Existing Cluster for installations on an existing Kubernetes cluster.
    • Click Embedded Cluster to create a cluster with the Kubernetes installer and install the application on that cluster.
  3. Copy the command that is displayed in the Install section and share it with your customer.

Share Specific Release Versions

You can share specific versions of application releases for existing clusters or Kubernetes installer provisioned clusters. This is useful when a customer needs to install a particular version or when you need to install and troubleshoot a specific version.

Typically you do not need to use these procedures for air gap installations because the application version can be selected in the download portal, and the correct assets are available automatically.

To share an installation command for a specific application release version:

  1. From the vendor portal, select Channels.
  2. Click Release history for the channel that you want to use.
  3. Click Install Commands for a specific version.
  4. From either the the Existing Cluster or Embedded Cluster tab, click Copy command and share it with your customer.

Existing Cluster Command