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admin-console upgrade

Upgrades the Replicated admin console to match the version of kots CLI.


kubectl kots admin-console upgrade [flags]

This command supports all global flags and also:

-h, --helpHelp for the admin-console
-n, --namespacestringThe namespace where the admin console is running (default "default")
--wait-durationstringTimeout out to be used while waiting for individual components to be ready. Must be in Go duration format (eg: 10s, 2m)
--with-minioboolWhen set, KOTS will deploy a local minio instance for storage and attempt to change any minio-based snapshots (hostpath and NFS) to the local-volume-provider plugin (default true)
--ensure-rbacboolWhen set, KOTS will skip RBAC configuration at upgrade time. (default false) if a role spec is needed, use the generate-manifests command.
--strict-security-contextboolSet to explicitly enable strict security contexts for all kots pods and containers. This may not work for some storage providers. Default: false


kubectl kots admin-console upgrade --namespace kots-sentry
kubectl kots admin-console upgrade --ensure-rbac=false