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Consuming Prometheus Metrics Externally

This topic describes how to consume Prometheus metrics in embedded clusters created by Replicated kURL from a monitoring service that is outside the cluster.

About the Prometheus NodePort Service

By default, Prometheus is included in embedded kURL clusters as a NodePort service named prometheus-k8s in the monitoring namespace. The prometheus-k8s service is exposed on the IP address for each node in the cluster at port 30900.

For more information about NodePort services, see Type NodePort in Services in the Kubernetes documentation.

You can run the following command to view the prometheus-k8s service in your cluster:

kubectl get services -l app=kube-prometheus-stack-prometheus -n monitoring

The output of the command includes details about the Prometheus service, including the type of service and the ports where the service is exposed. For example:

NAME            TYPE      CLUSTER_IP   EXTERNAL_IP  PORT(S)         AGE
prometheus-k8s NodePort <none> 9090:30900/TCP 5hr

As shown in the example above, port 9090 on the prometheus-k8s service maps to port 30900 on each of the nodes.


Before you can consume Prometheus metrics in embedded kURL clusters externally, ensure that firewall rules on all nodes in the cluster allow inbound TCP traffic on port 30900.

Consume Metrics from External Services

You can connect to the prometheus-k8s service on port 30900 from any node in the cluster to access Prometheus metrics emitted by embedded kURL clusters.

To consume Prometheus metrics from an external service:

  1. Get the external IP address for one of the nodes in the cluster. You will use this IP address in the next step to access the prometheus-k8s service.

    You can find the IP address for a node in the output of the following command:

    kubectl describe node NODE_NAME

    Where NODE_NAME is the name of a node in the cluster.


    Depending on the node's network configuration, there might be different IP addresses for accessing the node from an external or internal network. For example, the IP address might be assigned to the node in the internal network, whereas the IP address used to access the node from external or public networks is

    Consult your infrastructure team to assist you in determining which IP address to use.

  2. In a browser, go to http://NODE_IP_ADDRESS:30900 to verify that you can connect to the prometheus-k8s NodePort service. Replace NODE_IP_ADDRESS with the external IP address that you copied in the first step. For example,

    If the connection is successful, the Prometheus UI displays in the browser.

  3. From your external monitoring solution, add Prometheus as an HTTP data source using the same URL from the previous step: http://NODE_IP_ADDRESS:30900.