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Infrastructure and Subprocessor Providers

This lists describes the infrastructure environment, subprocessors and other entities material to the Replicated products and services.

Prior to engaging any third party, Replicated performs diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices. Whenever possible, Replicated uses encryption for data at rest and in motion so that all information is not available to these third parties.

Replicated does not engage in the business of selling or trading personal information. Any personally identifible information Replicated might possibly hold is data that a customer has provided to us.

The fields that Replicated may posess as identifiable to a physical person may include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Job Title
  • Business Address
  • Github Username

Note: This does not imply that all these fields are collected for each person. It also does not mean all these datapoints are used with each declared provider.

Replicated Infrastructure Providers

Replicated might use the following entities to provide infrastructure that helps with delivery of our products:

Entity NamePurposeCountry where Infrastructure ResidesNotes
Amazon Web ServicesVarious IaaSUnited StatesVendor portal, registry, api and supporting infrastructure services.
CloudflareNetwork security, DDoS mitigation, DNSUnited States
DatadogPerformance monitoringUnited States
DBT LabsData transformation or migrationUnited States
FiveTranData transformation or migrationUnited States
GithubCustomer supportUnited StatesReplicated's customers may engage with our customer support team using Github issues in a private repo.
Google LookerProduct usage metricsUnited States
HexData transformation or migrationUnited States
Knock Labs, Inc.Event notificationsUnited States
Postmark / Active CampaignTransactional emails from Vendor Portal. Marketing related communications.United StatesActive Campaign and Postmark businesses merged.
SalesforceCustomer and sales relationship managementUnited States
SnowflakeUsage data analysis and transformationUnited States
TimescaleTime-series data of instance metricsUnited StatesSee our Data Transmission Policy

Last modified January 4, 2024