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Support Bundle

The open source Troubleshoot project provides the Support Bundle custom resource that the app manager integrates with.

Vendors can use the Support Bundle custom resource to collect, redact, and analyze troubleshooting data from a cluster, to help diagnose problems with application deployments.

Vendors can customize the diagnostics using the Support Bundle custom resource, which is combination of collector and analyzer specifications in one manifest file.

A collector defines the data to be collected and included in the tar.gz bundle.

An analyzer defines how to interpret and present the collected data to the application Operator.

The Support Bundle custom resource is optional.

Support Bundle collection and analysis is integrated into the Replicated admin console dashboard. It is also available through a kubectl plugin.

For more information about how enterprise application users can troubleshoot their application instance in the admin console, see Troubleshooting an application.

For more information about installing the kubectl plugin, see Installation in the Troubleshoot documentation.

The following is an example manifest file for the Support Bundle custom resource:

kind: SupportBundle
name: sample
collectors: []
analyzers: []

For more information about defining a Support Bundle custom resource, see Collecting a Support Bundle in the Troubleshoot documentation.